Green Travel Grant

The CuttingEEG association is very concerned by the environmental impact of its scientific events, and perhaps you share these concerns. Back in 2019, we started to establish several strategies to reduce this impact. One of them consists of encouraging our participants to use low carbon emission travel means to come to the event.

Therefore, this year for PracticalMEEG we are offering the following Green Travel Grants:

  • Total reimbursement of any train ticket used to travel to the conference, for which the ride time is longer than 7h (cumulated across stops if there are several). Up to seven grants are available for a maximum of 150€ per grant.
  • 50% reimbursement of any train ticket used for a shorter trip (for which plane would be considered). Up to seven grants are available for a maximum of 80€ per grant.
  • Any person for whom the two previous points do not apply, and who needs help to avoid plane travel. We will do our best to promote low greenhouse gas emission travels. E.g., “I will ride my bike from Oslo” or “I will come over by train from Shanghai (only 8 days)” or “I will walk from Brussels”… be creative.

To apply please answer the questions of this form by November 15th.  For any of these grants the applicant has to justify how it would actually help avoiding plane travel = write a short explanation text and provide details of the different itineraries (plane vs train). Our evaluation will be based on the expected CO2 emission reduction. We will consider all questions/applications.